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Atlas of World History, vol. I
Fun Zone

Atlas of World History, vol. I

Titlu: Atlas of World History, vol. I

Domeniu: Maşinuţe, elicoptere

Producător: Fun Zone

Model: Hermann Kinder, Werner Hilgemann

Categorie de vârstă: Excelentă
Categorie de gen: 300
Anul apariţiei: 1995
Adaugă în coş

The Penguin Atlas of World History, volume one: From Prehistory to the Eve of the French Revolution.

In two volumes, The Penguin Atlas of World History offers an unique combination of maps and illustrations placed alongside with detailed chronological summary of the main cultural, scientific, religious and political events of the period.

Volume One covers from the beginning of world history to the eve of the French Revolution and includes sections on:

  • Prehistory and Early History
  • The Early Empires
  • Antiquity: Greece, The Hellenistic Period, Rome
  • The Early, High and Late Middle Ages
  • The Age of Transition
  • The Age of Religious Discord
  • The Age of Reason

By working from a global standpoint, the authors achieve an invaluable perspective on world developments and skillfully clarify, with these visual aids, complex historical situations.

  • by Hermann Kinder and Werner Hilgemann
  • 300 p.

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